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  • Resistance
  • Fully adjustable setup
  • Performance Computer
  • Heart rate compatible
  • Price excludes delivery and setup
  • Illustrative Image only (not actual bike)
  • We can deliver ex-demo used and second hand Wattbikes across Australia.  In fact we have already been delivering to Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney….

Phone Hannah at Cycle Studio on 0427 909 072 for details or enquire at han@cyclestudio.com.au.  Let us know your postcode and we will confirm the delivery charge.

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Resistance *

The Wattbike is available at two resistance ranges, which we call Pro and Trainer. Both are used by elite and amateur athletes around the world and which will best suit you depends on a number of factors. If you are unsure which is best for you please use the link below and we can help guide you. Pro or Trainer Helper

Product Description

The Wattbike Trainer has a resistance range of 0-2,000 Watts and you can recreate almost every Wattbike Pro resistance setting using a combination of the air and magnetic brakes. The essential difference is that the Wattbike Trainer provides a lighter range of resistance at the lower end which opens up Wattbike to everyone that the Wattbike Pro does not cater for. It’s also very useful for high cadence/low resistance exercise so will also suit high level track and endurance cyclists as well as children and general non-cyclists.  From our studio in Sydney, we can deliver new, used and second hand Wattbikes across Australia.  In fact we have already been delivering to Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney….

Features – Click

Ride feel

The 2015-2016 Wattbike still has the great ride feel of its predecessor. The innovative Real Ride Technology uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance to create the most realistic feeling ride of any indoor bike.


Resistance is created by a combination of an air and magnetic braking system. The braking systems can be adjusted independently of each other to create the desired feel and level of resistance. Adjustments can be made whilst riding and in minute increments to achieve any desired resistance.


The Wattbike retains its incredible accuracy within 2% across the whole power range making it suitable for medical and scientific testing. It is factory calibrated for life so you can test and train with absolute confidence.

Fully adjustable setup

The unique saddle and handlebar adjustment system has been improved on the Wattbike to allow riders even more opportunity to generate the perfect bike setup. We have added more range to move the handlebars and saddle forwards and backwards in millimetre accurate increments so you can really fine tune your position on the bike. You can even take the measurements from your own bike and re-create your setup on the Wattbike.

Polar View

The Polar View is a unique tool that allows you to monitor exactly how you distribute power as you pedal. The Polar View graph is displayed on the Performance Computer and is now transmitted as live data so you can improve your pedalling technique, highlight potential muscular imbalances and rehabilitate from injury with never before seen precision. Using the Polar View you can become a faster, smoother, more efficient cyclist.

Performance Computer

The all new Model B Wattbike Performance Computer provides you with even greater feedback than ever before. You can now monitor over 40 parameters including Power, Cadence, heart rate and calories as well as the Polar View and all with incredible accuracy. The data is now delivered for every pedal revolution and new screens allow you to focus even more on your technique. An improved user interface allows you to manipulate the screen to view the information you need for your session.

The monitor has improved opportunity to create your own sessions and now includes pre-programmed fitness tests. You can even create your own unique user profile to help you monitor your training get the most out of every session.

Heart Rate Compatibility

The Wattbike is compatible with a variety of heart rate monitors including all Garmin, Suunto, Polar and MyZone as well as other ANT and ANT+ devices. Once synchronized, the Performance Computer will remember your heart rate monitor in the settings.

Software compatibility

The Wattbike can be connected to any Windows compatible computer to link with additional Wattbike and partner software. Using a USB cable, attach your Wattbike Performance Computer to your computer to use Wattbike Expert, Wattbike Power Cycling or upload your sessions to Training Peaks. Using the compatible software you will be able to download all your sessions and view your data in far greater details including every pedal revolution via the Polar View. You can then email your sessions to coaches and other athletes and track your progress in incredible detail.

Self Powered

The Wattbike doesn’t need plugging in so you can enjoy your training anywhere. The built in generator will charge the Performance Computer as you pedal.

Additional Information


Pro & Trainer


Height – Max 130cm (handlebars at full height), Width – 66cm and Length – 125cm




30kg, 80mm x 40mm, 2.5mm thick zinc shield primed steel frame to provide a strong and stable platform on which to exercise


5cm diameter rubber feet


Transportation rollers fitted with inline skate ball-bearing wheels

Bottom Bracket

30mm thick, industrial grade ball bearings


170mm long, thermatically treated hardened steel.

Q Factor

Comfort Seat comes as standard. You can fit your own seat.


Combination pedals are fitted as standard with MTB SPD on one side and Look Keo fitting on the other, the pedals come with an adapter for the use of toe clips. You can fit your own pedals.


Covers – Heavy duty ABS plastic construction


Industrial 1/2” x 1/8” steel


Automotive industry rubber, kevlar reinforced belt

Stem and Seat Post

Stems are 45mm square, 3mm thick stainless steel with 1cm incremental height adjustments. Cast stainless steel Sliders with 5mm marked increments.

Adjustment Levers

Easy to adjust levers offering height and horizontal adjustment

Handlebars Height Adjustability

Stainless steel spinning handlebars with vulcanised rubber grip fitted as standard, height range – 55-74cm

Handlebar fore/aft adjustability

6cm Range

Seat Height Adjustability

Saddle height range 59cm-84cm

Seat Fore/Aft Adjustability

6cm Range

Power Range

Trainer – 0 – >2000W & Pro 0-3760W


Dual Resistance, Air Brake and Magnetic Brake

On board monitor

Wattbike Performance Computer Model B

Software Compatibility

Wattbike Expert Software & Wattbike Power Cycling Software


USB Cable, USB Stick & ANT/ANT+/Polar/MyZone Heartrate


Q. Can I change the saddle
A. Yes, the Wattbike is delivered with a recreational saddle, it can be fitted with any saddle of your choice

Q. Can I change the pedals
A. Yes, the Wattbike is delivered with a combination pedal which has toeclips on one side and a SPD cycle shoe fitting on the other. You can change the pedals at any time.

Q. Is it possible to change the handlebars
A. No, the handlebars are of a robust construction and allow all of the various cycling positions, it is possible to replicate holding the top of the handlebar, using brake hoods, down on the drops and in a tri-bar position.

Q. Can arm pads be fitted to the handlebars
A. Yes, they are available as an optional extra

Q. How accurate is a Wattbike and does it need calibration
A. Each Wattbike is calibrated in our factory and does not need re-calibrating. It is accurate to +/- 2% over its whole range. We recommend that you Set the Zero State before any testing. Setting the Zero State ensures that the electronics are stablised and there is no feedback within the electrical circuits ensuring that calibration is as it was when it left the factory.

Q. Is the accuracy of the Wattbike affected by altitude or environmental conditions?
A. No. The measurement system on the Wattbike is not affected by environmental conditions. At different temperature, humidity and altitudes the Air Brake Damper Setting may vary compared to the figures given in the Power, Resistance and Cadence Tables

Q. I’m used to using the SRM system of measurement. How does the Wattbike measurement system compare?
A. The Wattbike measurement system replicates those of the SRM. So 200 watts on the Wattbike is equivalent to 200 Watts using the SRM system.

Q. How does the resistance system work on the Wattbike?
A. The Wattbike has a dual resistance system. An air resistance system with a lever moving from 1 (light gearing) to 10 (heavy gearing) recreates the feeling of flat road cycling. A magnetic resistance system adds to the load. The magnetic lever rotates clockwise through one complete turn and is marked '1' through to '7' where '1' represents no magnetic load and '7' a very heavy load.

Q. Are there any weight and height restrictions on a Wattbike
A. The Wattbike is tested up to 150 kg. You need to be at least 150 cms tall or have an inside leg measurement of at least 60 cms to use a Wattbike

Q. What is the crank length and q-factor of a Wattbike and can they be changed
A. No every Wattbike is the same, the crank length is 170 mm (agreed as a standard with British Cycling) and the q-factor is 173 mm

Q. Can I replicate get my normal bike setup on a Wattbike
A. Yes, the horizontal and vertical adjustments and handlebar dimensions were agreed by British Cycling and it is possible to replicate all cycling positions

Q. Can you test on the 2012 Wattbike
A. Yes, however it is more difficult to set up the test protocol in the workout area and the analysis would have to be conducted in Wattbike Expert software

Q. Can you test on the 2013 Wattbike
A. Yes, the 2013 Monitor has a Test section in the Workout area but it is possible to construct a new test in Create New Workout and save it to Favourites

Q. Can you link the Wattbike Performance Computer (monitor) to a computer
A. Yes, the Wattbike comes with a USB cable which you can connect to your PC. Our software, Wattbike Expert and Power Cycling can be downloaded free of charge from the download section of our website

Q. Can I create my own workout in the Model A Wattbike Performance Computer (monitor)
A. Yes, the Model A monitor has some capability to create workouts, it is limited to 6 workouts of up to 6 intervals

Q. Can I create my own workout in the Model B Wattbike Performance Computer (monitor)
A. Yes, the Model B monitor has unlimited combinations of workouts that can be created.

Q. What is the Wattbike computer software for?
A. This fulfils many functions. You can monitor a session live (good for testing), evaluate any previously saved session, and transfer sessions from the monitor to your computer for permanent storage and analysis. The software also allows you to race other Wattbikes connected to the computer.

Q. I'm not from the UK, how do I buy a bike?
A. We have dealers in many countries. Please email info@wattbike.com to find the correct dealer for you.

Parts & Maintenance

  • What maintenance does the Wattbike require? The Wattbike is designed to be almost maintenance free. However, to ensure it stays in first class condition all sweat should be removed from it after use and the bike should be regularly examined for any damage or wear. Broken or damaged components should be replaced immediately. Full maintenance guidelines can be found in the Wattbike Manual that comes with the bike.
  • What tools are needed to service the bike? For a more thorough professional service the tool for removing the crank is required. Beyond that there are no special tools needed.
  • The Performance Computer has stopped working/is faulty, how can I get it fixed? Contact your local Wattbike distributor. Their details can be found at www.wattbike.com.
  • What is the battery life of the Performance Computer? The Wattbike is fitted with a generator that recharges the battery when cycling at a cadence of over 50 r/min. This means that close to 98% of the working time will be covered with current from the generator.
  • What kind of batteries power the Performance Computer? Can I fit regular batteries? Rechargeable batteries are fitted as standard. The Performance Computer will not function with normal batteries.

Resources and Info

You can find our latest software, firmware and documents in our download center